The most unlikely product recall

Sirdar Fizz – admit it, you have some in your stash. Possibly in bright blue.

Sirdar Fizz

Fizz in all its fluffy glory

Fizz was the precursor to pompom, rios, ondas, can-can and other highly textured one-ball scarf yarns. Sirdar Fizz was released for the A/W 2004 season as the main contender in Sirdar’s fancy yarns division. Only a few months later in February 2005 it was recalled due to its “high viscose content and loose construction”. This made it highly flammable and if held in or near a naked flame would most likely catch fire, and if you were wearing a garment made out of it and you stood near or in a naked flame then you might catch fire too. As it was primarily used for making scarves it was like wearing a candlewick around your neck. Scarves have an illustrious history of exotic departures – Isadora Duncan.

Sirdar considered it important enough to issue a financial press release predicting a potential cost of $2.7 million. In the end it cost the company only $0.5 million. The conclusion I draw from this? There is a lot of Fizz still out there, and it seems to be finding its way to the maze.

If someone donates me a bag of unused yarn for the maze then you can guarantee it will have some Fizz in it. If a group get together for a Maze knit-a-long then you can guarantee that someone will pull out the Fizz.

The maze is a great project for destashing your yarn. All those odd 30 metres left over, or those random purchases or gifts of yarn which face it, you are NEVER going to put to good purpose. The Maze is the answer to your problems. In one fell swoop my stash is now reduced to either luscious or functional yarns which have an identifiable purpose.

Most people knitting for the maze have also discovered this – and after all once destashed it gives you the perfect excuse to go shopping again. So I am helping people feel good and fuelling the economic recovery as well.


About sophiedurlacher

Owner of Twist Yarns, and organizer of the Knitted Maze in Saffron Walden, August 20th 2011. AKA how to knit a mile in 3 months.
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One Response to The most unlikely product recall

  1. stormarela says:

    I agree, and am happily knitting away with a lot of very glittery yarns! (no Fizz though) The maze will be very fancy.

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